As the platform for leaders to share their art, energy, knowledge and wisdom - Numeni rewards leaders for Service to Society. But a pure focus on social impact requires financial support.

We seek budget for staffing and development of the:

  • technical platform
  • media content
  • mentors classes
  • forums
  • groups
  • events
  • member relations

Our expenses include:

  • website server fees
  • editing software
  • video crews and production equipment
  • editors of the online media
  • moderators of online groups and forums
  • organisers, venues, and F&B of Numeni events
  • legal registration and accounting fees
  • office equipment and supplies
  • Numeni team members

Our most immediate needs are the budgets for:

  1. registration and accounting fees
  2. video crews and production equipment
  3. editing software

Thank you for your kind donation - we appreciate your visionary support.


The idea for Numeni began with the question: what do the leaders in every country, and every field, appreciate?

A chance to meet new friends at exclusive gatherings and chat about things that matter. An opportunity to change the world. Intelligent conversations. Creative inspiration. A moment to discuss ideals.


From 2016-2019, Numeni events were held in Thailand, Cambodia, Central African Republic, France, and the USA. In future, we look to Peru, Chile and Argentina.


These meetings provided opportunities for leaders to share knowledge with other leaders from diverse groups.


Leadership courses are being developed for executives and entrepreneurs looking for a powerful change. These courses build upon ideas that worked for past clients (a Governor, a PM, Senators, MPs, CEOs, Regional Directors, GMs, and entertainers, as well as community leaders).


We now gather on Numeni.Net as friends who wish to develop a better world through better leaders. Numeni is neutral, open, and devoted to social good. Because the aim of Numeni is to develop ethical leaders, we are focussed more on social impact, and less on financial gain. Therefore we are grateful for our gracious Numeni Angels.

We welcome your kind support.