Numeni Foundation prepares for the future by grooming New Generation Leaders in many careers.

2004 Alumni

Our budget needs are for the staffing and development of:

  • youth leaders network
  • classes & forums
  • mentorship
  • cultural events

Our expenses include:

  • class coordinator
  • class instructor
  • publicity for applicants
  • venue for the training
  • F&B for class days
  • F&B for Graduation Dinner (FL Graduate speeches in front of senior leaders)

Our most pressing $ needs are for:

  1. registration and accounting fees
  2. coordinator salary
  3. PR budget

Thank you for your kind donation. Numeni Angels make the world a better place through better leaders.


FL DPF press

Choose good leaders, give them the tools they need to succeed, and they will naturally do good for society, according to their own vision.


The first Future Leaders class was taught at Thailand's elite Vajiravudh College in 2004, and videos of the class aired on TV. Four more classes followed there and at the Duang Prateep Foundation for Slum Children. Each class was responsible for a community project, and in 2010, a graduate of the 2004 FL class took the 2010 FL class to Government House to participate in the Prime Minister's National Phone-In Project. The 2013 DPF class spoke in front of the Deputy Prime Minister and the Khlong Toei community, for their FL Graduate speech.

Pam and PM


Famous business and community leaders contributed as guest lecturers and mentors each year. Participants included the US Ambassador, Argentinian Ambassador, Deputy PM, Bangkok Governor, 3 Members of Parliament, a Senator, 2 Police Generals, as well as noted academics, artists, and executives. Additional classes are being planned in the USA and Peru under the auspices of the Numeni Foundation.



FL global alumni will gather on Numeni.Net as friends who wish to develop a better world through being better leaders in their professions and communities. Each participant follows their own personal vision. Numeni is neutral, open, and focussed solely on developing ethical leaders.

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